“The brain power of more than 2400 executive recruiters across the country”

Private Equity Headhunters

Private Equity Headhunters Headquarters
10440 N. Central Expwy, Dallas, TX

Since the late 1990s Private Equity Headhunters mission and number one priority has been locating high-paying jobs for top-level executives in the Private Equity and Venture Capital areas. Our professional expertise allowed us to consistently achieve an impressive 100% interview rate even during weak economy. Not only that, but we also enjoy an average placement rate of 86% for both national and international executives. How did we achieve this astonishing success? Simple, we’ve always had the advantage of brain power of more than 2400 executive recruiters across the country.

“We serve our interest best by serving our client’s interest first”

Here at Private Equity Headhunters we are 100% sure of our expertise. We know what we are doing, and that’s why we enjoy the impressive results we do with our clients. We have more than 1,600 PE/VC firms and more than 2,400 executives in our network – this clearly shows that in our company we have the necessary resources to easily locate high-paying jobs..

Private Equity Headhunters is also highly focused on building relationships and investing in technology, which helps us to effectively automate some of the recruiting process. This can mean only one thing to you: a much higher chance to get the high-paying job that you deserve. With more than 100 efficient and motivated employees worldwide, we’re extremely proud of saying that we have one of the biggest IT teams in our industry. Not only that, but we have at our disposal the most advanced technology. Our investment in technology has allowed our recruiters and most importantly, our candidates-you-to save an average of 119 days of searching.

The sole purpose of acquiring the right technology is pretty obvious: It helps us to build positive and useful relationships with companies, investors, hiring authorities, recruiters and naturally-with you, the executive.

“Quality performance by ALL in a professional manner”

The secret to the success of our company is that we deeply focus on your skills, experience, geographical preference and future career aspirations. Contrary to our competitors, we don’t submit dozens upon dozens of resumes to potential employers. What we do instead is simple: we make sure we efficiently align and match the job seekers’, the employers’ and the investors’ needs. Because of this process, our clients are able to take full advantage of a job opportunity.

When working with our team, you can be 100% sure you will have professional help and assistance any time you need it. We work not only with executive-level job seekers, but also with investment bankers, private equity organizations, finance companies and law firms. We are extremely proud to say that we represent executive clients that were successfully placed in well-established and famous corporations such as Johnson & Johnson, Inc., Hewlett-Packard, MasterCard, The Home Depot USA, Inc. and Kraft Foods, Inc.

We’re the leaders in the PE/VC area. We can successfully place senior-level executives in Fortune 500 companies, match investors with high-volume private equity opportunities or execute any other task. Simply put, at Private Equity Headhunters we’re committed to your success!